Meet the Founder/CEO

Meet the Founder/CEO

My name is Briyanna. I am the Founder and CEO of Queen Collection. Growing up I did not have a silver spoon in my mouth. Watching my parents struggle to make ends meet while working a job they hated gave me the drive and ambition to do something great and become successful. I just didn’t know what I wanted to do. My parents suggested I go to school for nursing or something in the medical field to always have job security. I attempted the entrance exam for nursing, but failed and I was adviced to get a degree in criminal justice.

So I graduated college with a degree in criminal justice I don’t use because I let someone else live through me.


I have always had a passion for hair and lashes. I could never leave the house without it ever since I was in middle school. People always called me pretty and always complimented my hair and lashes, but I never thought about selling my own hair and beauty products. In 2019 I was working my 9-5 from home and scrolling on Facebook and stumbled across this ad on marketplace about selling online and I was a little uneasy about it but I still took a leap of faith and messaged the seller that listed the post and since then everything clicked and I found my passion which is being an entrepreneur. I always wanted to be a model growing up but after going through agencies that were not legit it didn’t work out for me. So having my dream Photoshoot to be the face of my own company is a dream come true!


Another reason why I decided to dive into the hair & beauty industry is because I was sick and tired of having unpleasant experiences at beauty supply stores and wanted to create a luxury online experience for women. My mission is to provide high quality hair and beauty products with an unforgettable experience. While providing our customers with exceptional customer service. We guarantee our customers 100% quality with our Brazilian hair and beauty products. I want every customer to know they are truly a Queen.


You're probably wondering how I came up with the name "Queen Collection '' When Jovonne(now my husband) and I were just friends in 2015 he gave me the nickname Queen and QueenBri because of the way I carried myself. He noticed how I liked to enhance my natural beauty with hair and strip eyelashes. The "collection" is beauty products that I personally wear to boost my self esteem. So I came up with the name Queen Collection, a luxury online beauty supply store to make every woman feel like a Queen.

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