Hair Care

All Hair Textures:

-Co wash your hair before installing 

-At night do not sleep with wet hair. Always wrap your hair before bed with a silk scarf or bonnet (doing this helps lock in moisture and eliminates unnecessary shedding/tangling).

-Under your scarf your hair should be twisted/braided into pigtails (this helps the hair from matting and tangling while sleeping)

-ALWAYS use heat protectant before using any kind of heated styling tools (if not used your hair can becomes very brittle and produce split ends/breakage and frizzy/dry hair).

-CONDITION your hair at least once every week; SHAMPOO your hair once every 2 1/2 weeks. (timeframe may vary depending on amount of styling and product build up).

-ALWAYS comb/detangle from the ends up


-Detangle your hair extensions ONLY when the hair is wet (detangling your hair while its dry can cause breakage, shedding, and loss of hair).

-Detangle your curly/wavy hair EVERY morning and EVERY night before wrapping (please follow same wrapping instructions listed above).

-Use water and a leave in conditioner in a empty spray bottle shake the bottle and spray on hair to help keep your curls/waves moisturized. (Wet look)

-ALWAYS comb/detangle from the ends up.

LACE CARE (Be Gentle)

We do not recommend bleaching the knots unless you are a professional hair stylist. Bleaching the knots incorrectly will cause lace balding/ Shedding. We also do not recommend plucking and tweezing the lace unless you are a professional hair stylist. We are not responsible for lace balding due to bleaching or damaged lace due to plucking/tweezing. We will not exchange or refund closures or frontals due to shedding or balding.



1. Detangle the hair with a wide tooth comb or paddle brush

2. Set the water temperature to lukewarm

3. Wet the hair from the top down

4. Start rinsing the hair throughly

5. Add a generous amount of shampoo
in your hand

6. Apply shampoo to the hair with strokes from the ends to the top

7. Keep stroking shampoo (Use a paddle brush or wide tooth comb to spread the shampoo throughout the hair)

8. Rinse shampoo out the hair throughly

9. Keep rinsing out shampoo

10.  Squeeze out water & shampoo from the bundles once thoroughly shampooed

11. Add a generous amount of conditioner
to the damp hair in the same motion as you did your shampoo. (Use a paddle brush or wide tooth comb to spread the conditioner
throughout the hair)

12. Leave the conditioner in the hair for 3-5 minutes

13. After 3-5 minutes start rinsing out the conditioner

14. After the hair is rinsed throughly squeeze out excess water from hair

15. Use a wide tooth comb or paddle brush
to comb/brush hair

16. The hair can be left on a towel or hang the hair and let it air dry overnight